About Us


Marrakesh  Market is a concept developed by Faisal Baia, a native Moroccan living in Bermuda.

Faisal came to Bermuda in 2012 from his home town of Marrakech, looking to explore the world and adventure.  Being very personable Faisal developed strong bonds and ties to Bermuda.

On his journey's back to Marrakech he would by gifts for friends and loved ones.  As the complements came in Faisal realised there was a market in Bermuda for the product, as a result the early stages of Marrakech Market was formed in 2017.  

With the help of he loving Partner Juliette, they got vending licence and started a Facebook Page, with just a handful of items.  The company continued to grow, with additional products and outlets to reach  our customer base.

In February 2018, a pop up store was formed in the Emporium building.

From the humble beginnings to the conitnued growth, we look to bring you the wonders of Morocco, through Fashion and Home decor.